Theatro’s Voice Technology Hits the Casino  

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor - Restaurants
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Theatro, a voice-controlled mobile app platform for the hourly workforce, and Konami Gaming Inc., a designer and manufacturer of slot machines and casino management systems, unveiled a new joint integration that allows Theatro’s conversational computing platform and Konami’s fully integrated, casino management system SYNKROS to seamlessly interact with one another.

This integration enables incredibly elevated and differentiated customer service experiences on the casino floor. 

The integration of Theatro’s API platform with Konami’s SYNKROS casino management system synchronizes entire facility operations, improving casino operations that enables client acquisition, ensures loyal patron retention, and makes casino businesses more profitable.

More Personalized Service
The combined SYNKROS and Theatro platforms can drive notifications that help employees quickly understand players’ loyalty status, specific player location at a machine and deliver intel to drive personalized greeting, service or offers.

Big data captured behind each Theatro voice interaction also delivers employee analytics that identify whether employees are engaged, measures the service level of requests and can provide location analytics based on where associates service customers most. Utilizing this data, management teams can uncover trends and actionable insights, identify risk management opportunities and build new business automation methodologies.