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Telkonet Answers Industry Call for Low-Cost, Duel Gateway with Release of EGS Duel

Telkonet, Inc., a Clean Technology company that develops and manufactures proprietary energy management and SmartGrid networking technology, continues to evolve its advanced technology solutions for the US hospitality marketplace of 48,000 hotels and 4.4 million rooms, as highlighted by the introduction of the EthoStream Gateway Server Dual (EGS Dual), which provides network redundancy and optimizes HSIA bandwidth. The Telkonet portfolio encompasses both Telkonet and Telkonet Company EthoStream, which provides high-speed Internet access products and customer support services to over 2,300 hotel properties and 197,000-plus rooms, underlining Telkonet's dedicated focus on evolving technology that enables hotel management to realize operational efficiencies and deliver high levels of guest satisfaction. Telkonet's ongoing technology development is based on direct feedback from its customers. Its latest product, the EGS Dual, was developed in response to requests from smaller hotel properties for a low cost, dual gateway, targeting the $84M hospitality HSIA gateway market.

"With our guests using the Internet for social networking and IP-based video services, there is a constant pressure to increase bandwidth. However, for properties like our 78-room Holiday Inn Express in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, we don't have the budget for additional, expensive equipment to meet these needs," says Brian Brandstetter, president of Cornerstone Hotel Management. "EthoStream's new gateway solves this problem by aggregating the traffic from the fixed wireless ISP and DSL lines, providing greater bandwidth and delivering maximum performance from our existing infrastructure. It also ensures that if one circuit fails, the other circuit will continue to carry Internet traffic, so our guests will never get disconnected from the Internet. We are looking forward to implementing this new cost-effective solution in our properties."

The EGS Dual, which costs about 50% less than similar product offerings, combines two broadband connections into one single network. It prevents network downtime and accommodates high bandwidth to support applications such as VPN applications and movie downloads. The EGS Dual integrates with EthoStream's web-based Remote Management Console, enabling remote monitoring and management of a hotel's HSIA system centrally from one remote location.

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