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TECHNOLOGY SHOWCASE: Back-of-House Technology



Technology: Kitchen Display System

Top 5 Features:

  1. Integrates with over 65 Point-of-Sale systems
  2. Provides accessible data and analytics reports
  3. Order routing ensures low ticket times, reduced waste, and high food quality
  4. Capacity management and order throttling features create a seamless off-premise strategy
  5. Full graphical displays provide real-time order and recipe information


ConnectSmart Kitchen (CSK) is a KDS that adapts to any restaurant environment to craft a smart, connected operation. It simplifies busy workflows and provides kitchen video, programmable prep times, real-time data reports, and integrates with over 65 point-of-sale systems.

When a guest places an order, the back-of-house staff receives it instantly on a kitchen screen. They can then decide where to focus, with the KDS taking into consideration each item's prep times and even routing items to the most appropriate kitchen station.

All items in an order finish at the same time, without any guesswork from the kitchen. CSK paces orders for off-premise guests as well, "reading" the bandwidth of your kitchen to properly generate a pick-up quote for the customer, without disrupting any current walk-in traffic. When integrated with our guest management solution, the front-of-house staff sees real-time kitchen production information, keeping them in the loop too. Your wait staff knows what's happening in the kitchen and vice versa.



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There is just no way we could’ve sold 120 restaurants if we were still doing paper checks. I’d hate to see where we would be without CSK. Life would be drastically different!
Walk On’s Bistreaux & Bar

Restaurant operators can also access real-time reporting on kitchen production speed and accuracy to make improvements to their service. With powerful integrations and customizable displays, any operator can increase their efficiency and in turn, their profits. That's a smart restaurant!


Clients for this Technology Include:

  • KFC
  • The Cheesecake Factory
  • Cracker Barrel
  • Red Robin
  • Chili's
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