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TeamSense Launches Interactive Voice Response-to-Text Product for Those Without Mobile or Email Access

TeamSense, a company that offers app-free digital tools purpose built for the hourly workforce, is launching a new product that ensures every employee has equal access to an absence reporting tool. Created for the small percentage of workers (< 3%) without access to a smart phone or email, TeamSense has developed a voice-based absence reporting product that plugs directly into its flagship system. With supply chain disruptions, a global pandemic, cold and flu season, combined with the upcoming holidays, increased unexpected absences are a given. TeamSense’s suite of app-free digital tools adds efficiency to the process, while also delivering a host of other features to keep teams informed and engaged. The product is now available as an add-on feature to all of the TeamSense pricing packages.

On a mission to empower hourly workers in their employment relationships, TeamSense is known for their text-based, non-app communication tool that automates HR functions from attendance and hiring to safety reporting, onboarding, surveys, even simple invitations to employee social events. TeamSense, hatched in 2020, began as a COVID symptom attestation tool for deskless workers and was acquired by the industrial tech company Fortive in July 2021, after the team successfully pivoted using the same technology to bring technology to antiquated processes. The voice response-to-text product works by an employee simply making a phone call to a centralized employer number to report an absence. For example, a corporate employee uses a landline keypad to choose, “1 for late arrival,” “2 for absence,” “3 for personal day,” “4 for vacation,” and supervisors on a manufacturing floor are immediately notified via text without having to be in their office. Based on the employee input TeamSense automatically sends notifications via text/and or email to their supervisors, tracked in the TeamSense database, and shared with the existing HR tech stack. “After spending the first part of my career at General Motors and Whirlpool, I have witnessed the difficulties manufacturers have communicating with deskless workers. We want to change that by reimagining outdated processes and workflows bringing connectivity, efficiencies and productivity to each person we touch. Who doesn't want that?” said Sheila Stafford, CEO of TeamSense.

“Though it’s only about 3% of Americans who do not have access to modern technology, this product is about inclusion,” said cofounder, Alison Teegarden whose deep expertise in the manufacturing sector inspires her involvement: “As of this year, there are 636,079 manufacturing businesses in America; this is every vertical from food, health, warehousing, aerospace, auto, printing – they all employ hourly workers who because of their deskless status are so difficult to reach. We are on a mission to change that.”

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