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TalentClick Launches New Talent Assessment Tool for Employers

TalentClick, a risk-based personality assessment software firm, said it launched its latest assessment tool, Work Values and Attitude (WVA). The tool allows employers to identify whether candidates are the right ‘fit’ by using psychometric analysis. By looking at six key areas of a person’s behavior (integrity, responsibility, coachability, positive attitude, aggression control and open communication), the WVA helps employers further understand the values and motivators of candidates or current employees to help management make better informed decisions.
TalentClick’s customers were looking for a tool which would inform them more about the underlying values and drivers of people to better determine if they fit within the team and organizational values. The WVA was developed by TalentClick as an extension to personality assessments which are more commonly used but aren’t specifically measuring a person’s values and overall attitude toward their work.
Now available as part of the Standard and Pro pricing solutions, the assessment is an easy to complete 15-minute online questionnaire and accessible by simply clicking on a link. The methodology followed in developing the WVA adheres to established practices of developing validated psychometric assessment tools.
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