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Taco Bell Kiosks Named Best Restaurant ICX


Elo’s self-order kiosk project with quick-service restaurant (QSR) Taco Bell won the Interactive Customer Experience (ICX) Association’s Elevate Award for Best Restaurant ICX. The award category recognizes restaurant-specific achievement in using interactive technologies to create a transcendent brand experience.

Taco Bell has accomplished this through the use of a custom application managed in-house and deployed on Elo’s 22-inch large-format displays powered by EloView. Using EloView, Taco Bell is able to manage kiosks at thousands of locations across the country from one central location to enable a consistent customer experience. Taco Bell was recognized June 4 in an awards ceremony at the annual ICX Summit.

A pioneer in delivering food and technology innovation to its customers, Taco Bell recently sought to give its customers a more modernized ordering experience in their restaurants. They built a custom application to showcase their menu through an in-restaurant digital experience. Taco Bell partnered with Elo to create a self-ordering kiosk experience.

“Taco Bell strives to stay relevant with customers’ ever-changing preferences and we are honored that the ICX Association recognizes our efforts,” said Rafik Hanna, senior director, IT, Taco Bell. “By partnering with Elo, we have succeeded in delivering a frictionless experience to our customers while streamlining our operations. We have unlocked the ability for our fans to make their menu items more cheesy, beefy, crunchy and more, all with the tap of a finger.”

The Taco Bell kiosk program deployment began in Q4 of 2018, with self-service kiosks now in more than 4,000+ locations in the U.S. With continued momentum, Taco Bell is on track to complete its national rollout in 2019, bringing the self-service kiosks to nearly 7,000 locations across the U.S.

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