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TableSafe's RAIL Payment Platform Achieves EMV Certification

TableSafe, Inc., maker of a purpose-built pay-at-the-table platform for full-service restaurants and the broader hospitality industry, announced that its RAIL payment platform has achieved EMV certification and has been approved to process chip and signature payments. As a result, the RAIL platform is both EMV-certified and PCI compliant.

The RAIL platform provides restaurants with the highest level of payment security in the industry. In addition to providing EMV and PCI certification, point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and other security features, the RAIL ensures the guest’s payment information never resides on the restaurant’s point of sale terminal. By combining these features, the risk of credit data breach is virtually eliminated.

The low-profile RAIL is an easy to use device housed inside a patented billfold that replicates the traditional leather folio commonly used by full-service restaurants to deliver the guest’s check. Once the billfold is opened, this payment agnostic platform enables the guests to securely self-pay with their credit card or Samsung Pay – and soon will offer the ability to pay with other mobile apps, including Apple Pay and Android Pay. It also allows guests to auto-calculate tips, split the bill multiple ways, including the unique ability to split by item and receive email receipts.

Unlike other pay-at-the-table solutions, the RAIL doesn’t require the wait staff to stand at the table while payment is made, making the customers feel like they are being rushed to get out of the restaurant, or that their tipping and payment progress is under surveillance. This payment platform is intended to be left at the table and allows guests to pay at their own pace. Once the bill has been paid, a color-coded light will indicate to wait staff when it’s time to retrieve the RAIL, or if the guest needs further assistance.

The RAIL was purpose built for full-service restaurants and provides operators with additional benefits including increased efficiency for wait staff and back-of-house operations, the ability to obtain instant guest feedback through surveys, and the opportunity to reduce use of thermal paper by up to 85 percent. TableSafe technology reduces the time from ticket presentation to closing out the payment by up to ten minutes, enabling the staff to spend more time with dining guests and enhance the overall experience.

TableSafe has validated the RAIL platform at select full-service restaurants from coast to coast and will expand its rollout nationwide in the coming weeks.

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