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SWIPEBY Integrates with DoorDash for Affordable and Efficient Delivery

SWIPEBY, a holistic ordering-to-curbside pickup platform, announced it has integrated with DoorDash to give brick-and-mortar businesses the ability to manage their third-party delivery operations through SWIPEBY.

The integration with DoorDash means that SWIPEBY operators can not only utilize SWIPEBY’s geofencing technology for virtual drive-thru, curbside and arrival interactions, but can also now process no commission deliveries via the SWIPEBY platform.

“This integration is part of our overall roadmap to provide a more affordable, holistic solution to SWIPEBY customers across multiple verticals,” said Carl Turner, SWIPEBY’s founder. “Beyond just virtual drive-thru and pickup, businesses need an affordable third-party delivery option to stay competitive with much larger entities. They also want more access to customer data and the ability to take advantage of their online brand equity. We are excited to have found a partner in DoorDash that allows us to answer those needs together.“

According to Turner, SWIPEBY is now not only helping independent small-to-medium-sized businesses competing with drive-thrus by providing a geofenced virtual drive-thru solution, but is also helping them to navigate the delivery landscape paying no commission and keeping their customer delivery data.

“We help the smaller business level the playing field and give them greater ownership of the transaction and their brand,” Turner said. “While they can still take advantage of marketplaces like  DoorDash, these businesses now have even more options to be more competitive with off-premise via their own channels with our easy-to-use application.”

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