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Survey Reveals Travelers Use Social Media for Planning and Sharing

TripAdvisor has announced the results of its social media travel survey of more than 1,700 U.S. respondents. The findings reveal a strong correlation between social media and travel, as 76 percent said they share travel experiences via social networks.
Forty-two percent use social channels for travel planning while 40 percent do so for travel inspiration. Sixty-four percent most often refer to a travel research site such as TripAdvisor for travel inspiration.
What Travelers Share
91% post pictures of vacations
57% post status updates
34% use check-ins while traveling
When Travelers Share
27% check-in when arriving at the hotel
25% check-in when at a landmark/attraction
19% check-in at a restaurant
39% share experiences on social channels following their trip
52% share trip details while traveling and after returning home
Why Travelers Share
36% share experiences to update friends and family on their whereabouts
27% want to share all their exciting photos and news
37% percent think social networks have made travel planning easier

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