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Survey Finds Companies Not Communicating BYOD Policies

GLOBO has released survey results which found IT departments are not making employees aware of their BYOD policies. In the survey, 68 percent of respondents said they use their personal devices for work, while only 29 percent said that their company actually has a BYOD policy in place. Furthermore, 42 percent of respondents don't know if their company's BYOD policy allows IT to have full access to their personal devices.
These findings show a significant lack of communication between companies and their employees with respect to BYOD, an issue that must be addressed.
Other key findings include:
  • 14 percent reported that they don't know if their company currently has a BYOD policy.
  • 91 percent responded that they do not know if their company plans to implement a BYOD policy.
  • If IT clearly stated that they have access to their employee's personal information such as emails and contacts, 93 percent of respondents said that they would not participate in a BYOD program.
  • 69 percent said that they would not consider breaking a company policy in regards to BYOD even if they knew that they would not get caught.
  • People using a personal device for work say that they are using it first and foremost to check emails (62 percent).

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