SURVEY: 1 Out of 3 Hospitality Workers Do Not Intend to Get Vaccinated


In a new report by Harri, one out of three hospitality workers (29%) say that they do not intend to take the COVID-19 vaccine. That same amount of workers, 29%, also said they would not take the vaccine to maintain their current employment or to return to work.

The findings of this report represent 4,250 participants who have either worked or are currently working in the hospitality industry. 

For those who are not in favor of taking the vaccine, 57% say it is because they are worried about side effects, 48% say they want to wait to see if the vaccine is effective, 22% do not believe in the process of receiving the vaccine, and 10% say they are refusing for a medical or religious reason.

Additionally, 90% of respondents have said their employer has not proactively discussed a COVID-19 vaccination process.

To see more statistics, visit the survey here.