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The Surrey Taps New CRM to Personalize Guest Visits

The Denihan Hospitality Group's The Surrey hotel has just joined Libra OnDemand's growing list of worldwide clients. Built in 1926 as a residence hotel, the original Surrey was home to many of New York's most eccentric celebrities over the years, including John F. Kennedy, Betty Davis, and Claudette Colbert. With a tagline "Considered Only For You" Libra OnDemand's customer relationship management (CRM) software is helping the property to live up to this promise by organizing the hotel's database so that each guest can be provided the same royal treatment as those distinctive personalities of generations past.

The Surrey began using Libra OnDemand in January 2010 in order to provide a consolidated view of guest profile information; keep track of guest preferences, amenities, flags and specials; manage pre-arrival and during-stay guest services; and track guest comment card responses.

With Libra OnDemand, The Surrey's employees are empowered to personalize each guest's stay based on their specific requirements and preferences obtained during prior stays; the automation process of tracking and servicing guest requests and amenity reservations; and the ability to recognize, welcome and reward VIPs and repeat guests.

"When we began looking for a CRM solution, we wanted a system that provided guest-focused functionality and managed the operational workflow of guest profiling, pre-arrival reporting and guest services," says Julia Rutkowski, director of guest relations for The Surrey. "Libra OnDemand came in with a simple but thorough system, and we couldn't be more pleased with their solution and their customer service."

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