Sugar Factory Streamlines Ops with POS, Inventory & Procurement Solutions

Established in 2009, Sugar Factory has become well-known in a short time for its couture confections. The company currently operates three retail stores in Las Vegas and recently opened the Sugar Factory American Brasserie restaurant. The company is also a partner in the new Chateau Nightclub at Paris Las Vegas, as well as Cabo Wabo Cantina in Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. These locations serve more than 35,000 customers each week.
In addition to its brick-and-mortar locations, the Sugar Factory also does a brisk online business. With an operation of this magnitude, Sugar Factory requires powerful and reliable technology, particularly for inventory and procurement and point-of-sale.
Features, functionality and support
When deciding on technology for its business, Sugar Factory consulted multiple industry professionals and looked at a number of software systems. From an inventory and procurement perspective, the company needed a solution that could not only grow with Sugar Factory, but one that was flexible enough to work in retail and food and beverage environments. In addition to this, Sugar Factory also wanted a system that could adapt to its growing Web-based business. From a point-of-sale perspective, flexibility and scalability were key must-haves.
Sugar Factory selected the Eatec inventory and procurement solution and the InfoGenesis POS system, both by Agilysys. These systems offered features and functionality that Sugar Factory wasn't able to find elsewhere. The company particularly liked the openness of the systems, their real-time reporting capabilities and the fact that the InfoGenesis POS system could function in all Sugar Factory’s venues. Best of all, the two systems work together to offer a complete and integrated solution for managing F&B and retail operations.
Implementation went smoothly, and the systems were both fairly easy to learn. Sugar Factory uses the InfoGenesis POS as a hosted solution, which ensures trouble-free implementation as well as consistency at all of its locations. Employees also really like both systems, which is always a plus. And the Agilysys support team has been very responsive to Sugar Factory’s needs.
Enhanced guest service
The Eatec inventory and procurement solution and the InfoGenesis POS system streamline operations, giving Sugar Factory all of the tools it needs to be proactive and accountable. Because the solutions are so seamlessly integrated, they truly work hand-in-hand, ensuring reliable, consistent and timely information.
Sugar Factory always has accurate and up-to-date data on product sales and inventory depletion. This translates into an enhanced guest experience, because inventory levels are properly maintained, and Sugar Factory is able to expedite the check-out process.
Moreover, both solutions are scalable. Sugar Factory has a wide range of store sizes as well as diverse product set. Sugar Factory’s operation encompasses a warehouse, a Web store, three retail stores, two restaurants, and a nightclub. Some software systems would not be able to work well in all of these environments, but the Eatec and InfoGenesis solutions are able to handle the nuances of our business with ease.
The systems have also helped Sugar Factory gain consistency throughout its entire operation and have given them company more control over its business. Sugar Factory’s purchasing department and warehouse, for example, can easily manage inventory levels. The systems also provide a platform for reliable reporting and consistent paperwork throughout the company.
The Eatec inventory and procurement suite and the InfoGenesis POS system are powerful technology solutions, and Sugar Factory is constantly learning more about them. Sugar Factory plans to expand the use of both systems as the company adds new locations in Las Vegas and throughout the United States. Sugar Factory also plans to add the Sales & Catering module to the Eatec system, so that the company can increase its banquet business.
Management tech tips
Before investing in technology, operators should keep the following tips in mind:
  • Take the time to comparison-shop at least three systems.
  • Contact IT directors in similar businesses to obtain first-hand information about software performance and vendor reliability.
  • Make sure the vendor you choose has experience in the hospitality industry.
  • Make sure the systems you select have all the functionality you need to meet your business objectives.
  • Make sure the software systems you select can grow with your operation.
Tony Worsley is the controller and chief financial offer for Sugar Factory. He has a BS in economics from Michigan State University and a BS degree in accounting from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He is also pursuing a Masters degree in accounting from the University of Las Vegas, and has worked in the hospitality industry for more than 15 years.
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