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STUDY: Full-Service Restaurant Transaction Volumes Jump 47% in Q2

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At full-service restaurants, customer transaction volume increased 47% and transaction revenue increased 55% from Q1 2021, according to data from TableSafe Inc.

Guests are eager to enjoy dining in again.  As of late March 2021, 55% of consumers feel comfortable dining out at a restaurant, according to Morning Consult.

Encouraging Numbers

“The pent-up demand for socialization and the hospitality experience is clearly evident,” said Jeremy Watkins, Director of IT at The Brigantine Inc., an operator of 20 dining concepts in the San Diego area. “Dining out is a big part of returning to pre-pandemic life, and we’re honored to provide guests with the experience that they so value - and have dearly missed. The payment process is an important part of that ultimate dining experience, making TableSafe a critical component to our overall operation.”

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TableSafe’s data align with a recent report from the National Restaurant Association stating that sales at eating and drinking places escalated in June, with total sales reaching $70.6 billion on a seasonally-adjusted basis - the highest level since February 2020.

TableSafe’s mobile table pay solution is used in full-service restaurants across the country including in 20 of the 30 most populous states, representing approximately 75% of the country’s population.

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