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Stoney Creek Inns Pilots Micros Opera 9 Channel Management Module

Stoney Creek Inns is the launch customer for the Micros Opera 9 Channel Management module. Micros Opera 9 advances Opera V5 to an Oracle ADF solution delivering functionality through web services. Opera 9 is a software as a service (SaaS) offering that is centrally hosted in the Micros Data Center, and is being designed to complement, integrate with, and enhance the Opera V5 thin-client product. The Opera 9 development team has focused on Opera Channel Management as the initial module to be released and will unveil additional screens and functionality in a stepped approach.
Features of the new Opera 9 Channel Management module offer many benefits to its users. Channel Rate Mapping and Channel Room Type Mapping allow the hotel’s Revenue Manager to apply standard rate codes and room types, which the GDS uses to push availability, building consistency for travel agents and a more efficient process. Restrictions Management allows the Revenue Manager to define when particular rates are unavailable or when special requirements apply to specific rates. Opera 9 permits the property to set sell-limits and then to overbook rooms in accordance with the set levels. The Rate Simulator Tool allows the Revenue Manager to check published room availability details without having to log onto the GDS sites.
“Opera 9 Channel Management offers a superior feature set and is very user friendly,” says Tracy Hammerman, revenue manager for Stoney Creek Inns. “We have chosen to phase our system over to Opera 9, which coexists with and adds value to OPERA V5. We have found Opera 9 to be very intuitive and easy-to-use.”

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