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Stoney Creek Hospitality Uses Targeted Marketing Campaigns to Design Personalized Marketing Programs

Stoney Creek Hospitality's15 properties extend across six states and offer a blend of modern lodge comfort, urban convenience and resort-style relaxation. Each has its own market and marketing challenges. With this in mind, the company decided that it wanted a new multi-property software system that would centralize operations for its 15 hotels.

“We needed to automate property management and easily collect and utilize property performance data and guest information from our hotels. The bottom line goal was to manage our chain better and provide intelligence to support more effective marketing. Maestro PMS property software delivers all this perfectly,” said Holly Martin, Stoney Creek’s Training and Development Manager.

Stoney Creek Hospitality is opening its newest property in Broken Arrow, OK.

“Maestro Analytics is an integrated multi-property Business Intelligence reporting system. Today we are running a marketing program in Broken Arrow to introduce our new property to its market,” said Martin. “Maestro’s professional team helped us create a program that leverages Analytics data to identify the most appropriate guests to receive a promotional offer to introduce them to the Stoney Creek flag.”

The Maestro Analytics Business Intelligence Module allows operators to ‘see’ beyond the numbers to increase marketing opportunities and profitability.

Maestro Analytics enables properties and hotel groups to leverage a wide variety of guest information and performance data from individual properties or hotel groups. This lets them manage by the numbers and create more successful marketing campaigns by targeting specific guests, segments, date ranges and more. Stoney Creek uses Analytics data to optimize property performance and design personalized marketing programs based on guest preferences. 

Stoney Creek’s Martin said, “The most valuable Analytics’ reports for me are the Sales and Marketing views that show all properties with the number of guests, their origins and reservation source, OTA, travel agent or other. The data is easy to understand and put to work. At Broken Arrow, Analytics helps us shape our marketing promotion to be more successful in appealing to the specific market and its needs.”

The company feels that Maestro's Multi-Property Management is perfect for its spread-out property locations.

“Maestro’s Multi-Property Management is very flexible. We can see our total property operation, or specific markets or hotels. The system is web-based so we can log in anywhere from our laptops. Our corporate managers can easily optimize property rates or sales strategies remotely,” Martin added. 

Stoney Creek Hospitality is completing its roll out of Maestro Multi-Property across its 15 hotels in 2018.

“The Maestro installation team is very professional. We have our own support and training person who understands our operation. Maestro’s Diamond Plus Support is available 24/7 by phone, text message, email, or video sessions and GoToMeeting. The installation has been very smooth and the system is excellent.”

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