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StayinEstes' E-Commerce Success Follows 'Look, Book, Interact' Mantra


More and more independent properties have to adapt online technologies to meet the demands of their customers and overcome rough economic times. Can smaller properties create a strong online presence focused on maximizing online bookings with the help of innovative technologies?

Aware of the new online searching patterns of travelers, a 9-loft independent property located in Estes Park, CO was committed to create and control a successful e-commerce strategy. At the same time they were concerned about how to provide a professional looking website that increased their direct bookings.

After a long search among different providers found in GuestCentric Systems an easy-to-use integrated platform that could meet the needs of properties like theirs. The property was equipped with powerful marketing and distribution tools that focus on the development and management of direct online bookings:

  • A new professional website design
  • Powerful booking engine
  • Reservation and revenue management platform
  • Automated Guest CRM
  • Integrated user reviews and user generated content
  • Social networks integration
Simplicity and speed

The reservations platform is a time saving tool that simplifies the management of the online and offline reservations. Now the property can focus in creating strategies to increase business. With the complete hotel analytics provided by the back-end, the property has a clear view on the website's performance, number of visits, visits per country as well as detailed information on revenue.

Plus, aware of the rapid changes in the searching preferences of online travelers, integrated GuestCentric's portable booking engine to their Twitter account and Facebook page. This technology allows them to sell their rooms, simplify booking transactions by providing direct access to the property's booking engine through Facebook and Twitter in fewer clicks.

Outstanding results, one secret: Look, Book, Interact



Hotel Cuatro Naciones Boosts Online Reservations by 190 Percent
: Satisfied online customers provide and share good reviews and comments about the property. To potentiate the interaction with new customers through social networks, integrated GuestCentric's Portable Booking Engine to Twitter and Facebook. This allows the property to expand their visibility in new distribution channels. Now has all the necessary information to create strategic viral marketing campaigns to increase market share. Online reservations through these channels account for 5% of their overall online revenue.
: The increase of the website traffic increased the booking engine visibility and thanks to GuestCentric's e-Commerce tools, the direct online revenue of the property had a growth of 700% in four months. "We couldn't be happier with the results of our e-commerce. Our previous online system was not user-friendly and lacked the necessary tools to optimize direct online revenue. As a small independent property we are happy to have GuestCentric as our online partner, because it is guarantee that we will always have the latest technology available to manage our e-commerce," continues Despain
Two months after the new website went live, experienced an increase of 230% in unique number of website visitors. By having control of their website can immediately react to the demand and preferences of their visitors and guarantee the best offer available online. "The website and booking engine not only provide visitors with the best available rates, but we also try to provide them with a wider offer where they can choose based on their needs and wants," says manager Mark Despain. is very pleased with the ease-of-use of their new online reservations system and the one screen-booking engine that provides a calendar overview of up to 550 days with real-time availability and pricing. The booking engine provides simple and complete information about rooms and booking restrictions. This means that customers have all the necessary information to make a purchasing decision without having to exit the booking engine.
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