Stayflexi Named SHR Certified PMS Partner with WindsurferCRS Integration

Stayflexi, a cloud hotel property management system (PMS) for independent hotels, resorts, and multi-property groups, announced a robust two-way interface with SHRs WindsurferCRS, a hotel distribution platform. This integration allows a hotel property’s live availability and rates to be continuously relayed in real-time from their Stayflexi system to streamline channel management, reduce acquisition costs, reach the right travelers on their preferred channels, and maximize hotel revenue.

Sceptre Hospitality Resources (SHR) WindsurferCRS™ is a best-in-class CRS, providing effective rates and inventory management, connections to hundreds of distribution channels, an innovative booking engine, and robust reporting. With this seamless 2-way Stayflexi integration, hoteliers, including airport and experience-based hotels, can unlock unprecedented opportunities for guest upsell, dynamic rate management, and inventory optimization. SHR and Stayflexi will move ahead with a CRM and RMS integration in the second phase of their partnership, which is expected to be completed by October of this year.

“Today more than ever, hotels need technology that allows for flexibility to fully maximize revenue,” explains Venkat Sakamuri, CEO and co-founder of Stayflexi. “SHR’s CRS helps hotels establish a strong position at the top of the booking funnel, especially for direct bookings. Stayflexi bridges the gap at the bottom of the booking funnel for hotels by optimizing operations and guest and room management. With such a tight integration between SHR and Stayflexi, hotels can be more creative and engaged with every guest. The ability to integrate with other technology partners like SHR lies at the core of our open architecture and ongoing commitment to deliver outstanding value to our clients.”

Stayflexi’s modern PMS platform automates every aspect of hotel operations while upselling unsold rooms and amenities. Moreover, the technology start-up’s latest feature, Magic Link, empowers hotels with contactless self-service options like self-check-in, early check-in, add-on purchases, late check-outs, and more. Hoteliers using Stayflexi can also automate the entire guest booking workflow from end to end, eliminating up to 80% of front desk tasks and freeing up time for staff to focus on delivering high-value service.

Working with companies such as StayFlexi is key to mapping out the hospitality tech landscape of the future,” said Amanda Milam, Integration Manager at SHR. “Not only is SHR connected with StayFlexi for their PMS product, but we are also working with their team on discovering automation workflows that can be co-created for use within our Bridge automation platform.”

This partnership marks the beginning of an exciting, collaborative effort between SHR and Stayflexi, with both companies committed to a long-term vision of guest journey automation. “Convenience, flexibility, and instant gratification are more important than ever,” adds Sakamuri. “Providing guests autonomy over their stay should not come at an operational cost to the hotel. Instead, it represents an opportunity for increased optimization and meaningful guest engagement. By partnering with industry leaders like SHR, we can demonstrate automation's transformative power for guests and hoteliers alike.”

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