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Startups Seek to Provide Public WiFi for Hospitality Operators

Open WiFi spots can be a nightmare: no Wireless, Wireless with time restrictions or password protected. WiFi for customers is a service almost expected and that can make a big difference. Two Berlin startups are seeking to help make the catering industry capable of competing with big players such as Starbucks.
The iPad point of sale system for the catering sector orderbird, now supplies all new customers with routers from technology partner airfy
airfy’s HotSpot provide connectivity everywhere in the business. All data will be routed via a VPN router, which means airfy, not the cafe nor restaurant, will be held liable in case of misuse. airfy also serves as marketing tool that can help spread a business’ message and popularity on social media, for example, via customers’ ‘likes’ or ‘check-ins’ on facebook.
To be able to use the WiFi, guests only have to join the airfy Free WiFi once and that's it - without any registration. No matter which city or locality – the guest will be able to log onto the free WiFi automatically. It feels like a home WiFi everywhere.
Why is WiFi so important to guests? Free in-room WiFi when booking a hotel is already a main criteria. For the catering industry WiFi hotspots are also an important factor. Areas with no reception or limited data volumes still exist, meaning that mobile internet is not readily available. But, for internet and location based services, an internet connection is essential. For example, in the mobile payment sector where data transfer is a requirement, customers can use the PayPal-App for cashless payment and to redeem vouchers.
orderbird offers caterers an all-inclusive service with airfy routers: They don’t have to do anything. The HotSpot only needs to be connected with internet access and power supply, everything else is done automatically. The cloud-based solution offers remote analysis and consulting to ensure continuous data transfer and network quality. Instead of using a common “Repeater” that strengthens the signal - Mesh-Technology is being used: In case of signal interferences, the wireless network automatically finds a new dynamic way to transfer data.
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