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Startup CoatChex Gives Digital Makeover to Age-Old Service

The coat check industry – perceived to be outdated and virtually non-existent – is getting a major overhaul. Indianapolis-based startup, CoatChex has announced the launch of its Digital CoatChex System for a variety of events and venues such as bars, nightclubs and restaurants.
The Digital CoatChex System eliminates the need for paper tickets by utilizing today’s technology to connect a customer’s profile with their checked belonging. The patent-pending process optimizes coat check-in and retrieval functions and reduces the risks that are commonly associated with checking coats. By associating each coat with a hanger using a QR code and collecting information such as phone numbers and names into the system, CoatChex is a hassle-free solution to running a secure, profitable, and efficient coat check station at events, parties, bars, nightclubs, restaurants and other small- to large-scale venues.
But there is more value in the CoatChex system than just running a secure and profitable coat check station: through a simple opt-in, customers can receive timely messages about offers that might interest them, and businesses are able to track and analyze otherwise unavailable customer data that can be used in marketing campaigns.

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