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Starfleet Research: 93% of Operators Want a POS System that Will Improve Guest Satisfaction, Loyalty and Positive Word of Mouth

The 2016 Smart Decision Guide to Restaurant Management and POS Systems, published by Starfleet Research and sponsored by Agilysys Inc., reveals how food and beverage service operators are looking to next-generation point-of-sale technology to improve efficiency, enhance guest satisfaction and increase revenue.
According to the study, today’s restaurant operators are seeing the biggest technology shift since the 1980s, when POS terminals replaced cash registers. Mobility, flexibility and customization are hallmarks of new POS systems. Many solutions also incorporate inventory control functionality, pay-at-table processing, employee management tools, reporting capabilities and seat reservations management. Moreover, today’s POS systems accept an increasing array of payment methods, including chip credit cards and e-wallet apps.
“Although every food and beverage services organization has its own unique needs and preferences, any restaurant that wants to remain competitive must implement point-of-sale technology that does more than merely accept payments,” said Jeff Zabin, research director at Starfleet Research. "Next-generation POS systems play an integral role in streamlining operations and enhancing the quality of the guest experience, both of which lead to revenue growth. This study clearly reveals a vast array of compelling reasons for restaurants to upgrade their point-of-sale technology as well as advice for maximizing the value of their POS investment after implementation.”
According to Starfleet Research, The 2016 Smart Decision Guide found that:
  • Almost one-quarter (24%) of restaurant operators that have not purchased a new restaurant management and POS system within the past three years indicate they plan to do so in the next 12 months.
  • 93% of respondents indicate that improving guest satisfaction, loyalty and positive word of mouth is one of the biggest benefits they can expect to gain with the right POS system.
  • 88% of restaurateurs rank accommodating guests’ ordering and payment preferences as ‘important’ or ‘very important’.
  • 81% of restaurant operators rank the need to gain access to POS data and business insights as an ‘important’ or ‘very important’ success factor.
  • 78% of restaurant operators cite the benefits of POS mobility as the top reason to upgrade their technology capabilities.
  • 73% of full-service restaurants and 57% of fast casual restaurants achieved ‘significant’ or ‘dramatic’ improvement in operations and revenue performance after deploying a next-generation POS system.
To download The 2016 Smart Decision Guide to Restaurant Management and POS Systems, please visit:
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