Starbucks Expands Payment Capability of Mobile App to More Than 1,000 Target Stores Nationwide

Through the Starbucks Card Mobile App, customers can now pay for purchases at Starbucks stores in more than 1,000 Target locations nationwide through their Apple iPhone or iPod touch devices. The mobile payment capability at Starbucks stores in Target locations is the first expansion of this convenient payment capability since last fall when Starbucks launched their Starbucks Card Mobile and myStarbucks Apps. Starbucks stores in Target locations join 16 stores in Seattle and Northern California that currently accept mobile payment using the Starbucks Card Mobile App.

In addition to mobile payment, Starbucks Card Mobile allows customers to set up and register a Starbucks Card, check their Starbucks Card balance and reload their Starbucks Card using a credit card.

"Now that customers can use the Starbucks Card Mobile app at Starbucks locations within Target stores nationwide, they will have more opportunities to experience the ease and convenience of paying for their favorite Starbucks beverages with a flash of their iPhone or iPod touch devices," says Brady Brewer, vice president, Starbucks Card and Store Segmentation for Starbucks. "We are thrilled to make mobile payment available at Starbucks stores within Target, which has been a Starbucks licensee for more than 10 years."

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