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Star Micronics New Service Lets Businesses Print Promotions on Paper Receipts

Star Micronics, a global manufacturer of mobile, point of sale (POS) and customer engagement technologies, announced PromoPRNT, a brand new service added to the Star Cloud Service platform. PromoPRNT will allow retailers to automatically create printed promotions in addition to receipts. These incentives and bonuses will be delivered directly to shoppers’ hands, boosting customer retention and notifying customers of new deals and promotions.

PromoPRNT is provided through two services on the Star Cloud Services dashboard, Promo Maker and Promo Manager. Promo Maker is a seamless and simple way to create and design the promotions that will appear on the receipts from templates available in the Promo Maker library. Promo Maker makes it simple to add logos, text, and icons. Promo Manager will empower businesses to schedule the duration of a coupon campaign by selecting a time, date and printer device for each coupon/promotion. With Promo Manager, businesses will also have access to analytics that provide insight into each promotional campaign.

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