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Star Micronics Debuts Antimicrobial Covers

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Star Micronics introduces a line of antimicrobial covers designed to cover high-touch surfaces to reduce the transfer of germs. The antimicrobial covers are safe to use, easy to apply, and reduce microbes on common touch points. From door handles to checkout counters, the antimicrobial covers are designed to create safer surfaces for both employees and customers.

Featuring a proprietary antimicrobial coating that protects the surface by actively killing microbes (reducing microbe populations) on contact, the antimicrobial covers are designed to complement regular cleaning in retail stores, restaurants, and more. These products have been tested and are EPA-compliant and latex-free.

Star will be offering several antimicrobial cover products, including wraps made specifically for door handles, door push-bars, elevator buttons, door push plates, and more. Star will also offer custom rolls that retailers or restaurants can cut and apply to countertops, restroom surfaces, and more.




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