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Sprinkles Signs on with HotSchedules to Train Workforce

Beverly Hills, Calif.-based cupcake bakery Sprinkles has selected HotSchedules as its learning and performance management technology partner.

The decision comes on the heels of an overall assessment of Sprinkles’ workforce solutions. HotSchedules’ Clarifi Talent Development was selected because of its integration with HotSchedules Labor - an advanced forecasting, scheduling and labor management solution the company has been using since 2013.

“The Sprinkles team selected HotSchedules’ Clarifi Talent Development to support our companywide effort to create a social learning platform that fosters communication and collaboration across the organization - from corporate departments to Bakery managers to hourly associates,” said Kristin Burk, talent development consultant at Sprinkles.

The social engagement within The Camp, the Sprinkles-branded learning academy, allows managers and employees to share videos, photos and personal stories. Sprinkles has added content, company documents and several micro-learning videos to build a library of training info.

The Sprinkles’ HR, marketing and training departments are united to continue to deliver a social network where all 1,000 employees at 24 locations can share their wins, show how they are getting their jobs done, and inspire each other all while taking the training courses they need across all 24 stores.

Clarifi Talent Development provides a modern user interface to help Sprinkles set the tone for social learning and engagement. Now that associates and managers are actively logging in to share with their colleagues and find content they need, the training team is focused on developing and launching job-specific courses, and automatically assigning those courses to new associates through the single sign-on integration with HotSchedules.

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