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Spendgo Integrates with Epson Cloud Environment

Spendgo, a provider of personalized customer engagement solutions for restaurants and retailers, announced it is showing integration of its platform with Epson’s cloud environment - OmniLink® Merchant Services (OMS). The integration allows clients to utilize real-time measured transaction data for tailored customer loyalty, gift and engagement solutions without POS integration. Spendgo will also demo the solution with Epson at NRA from May 21-24, McCormick Chicago.
Spendgo is part of Epson’s OMS suite of innovative cloud and mobile apps that leverage real-time data that can be sourced from the Epson receipt printer, independent of the incumbent POS system(s). At Shoptalk and NRA, Spendgo will demonstrate how a loyalty tablet can utilize real-time measured transaction data from Epson’s OMS platform to deliver rewards and discounts to customers based on their purchase patterns. Pulling data from the Epson receipt printer instead of the POS allows easy access to all transaction and business data in real-time without costly and intrusive POS integration, POS upgrades or standardization. The solution is designed to future proof IT and data investments long term.
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