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Solution Manages Complex Enterprise Apps Across Multiple Screens and Platforms

UIEvolution, Inc. has announced it has globally launched the cloud-based Evolution Platform for Enterprise. The Evolution Platform is the centerpiece of the company’s new web site, new logo and new brand identity.
UIE’s Evolution Platform offers an efficient and economical solution for delivering connected screen applications where they are needed most – everywhere. The Evolution Platform provides Enterprise customers a centrally managed custom application experience that:
  • Lowers development, integration and sustainment costs
  • Consolidates external resources, reducing the need for one team/company per device and screen
  • Provides faster development time, accelerating the time-to-market
  • Creates a native experience across all device types
  • Provides HTML5 consistency across platforms
  • Creates the ability to quickly and effortlessly update app feature functionality and content without forcing the download of a new app
The Evolution Platform is the culmination of UIEvolution’s 13 years of leadership in the mobile space, providing rich, cross platform solutions to large Enterprise clients. UIEvolution’s new web site and logo reflect the company’s prescient vision and dedication to providing solutions that successfully manage digital business and support of the fragmented landscape of screens and devices.

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