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Software Turns Loyalty Points Into Virtual Currency

ezRez Software, Inc., a software-as-a-service provider of travel and loyalty solutions, announced a new product that will enable members of loyalty programs, such as frequent flier and hotel rewards programs, to use their points as currency in digital wallets. 
MileagePlus, United Airlines’ award-winning loyalty program, will be the first to integrate with the new product, offering members the flexibility and value of using miles to pay for products and services across the Internet. 
ezRez will first implement the product with PayPal in 2012, with others expected to follow. Upon launch, MileagePlus will enable members to use miles to pay for products and services with select on-line merchants.  The merchant will deliver the goods directly to the member, whose MileagePlus account will be debited the appropriate number of miles.  The entire process will be intuitive and easy.
This is an extension of an existing relationship between ezRez and United, which began in 2009 when MileagePlus tapped ezRez to offer hotel and car awards
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