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A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Social Networking.

Ordermark Expands Online Ordering Options with JoyUp Partnership

Ordering options now include JoyUp's social media ordering and delivery services integration.

Smokey Bones Expands Brand, Adds 2 Virtual Restaurants via Ghost Kitchen

The BBQ brand is teaming up with Kitchen United in Chicago to debut The Burger Experience and The Wing Experience. 

Having consistent, regular communication will go a long way in ensuring you don’t lose your customer base.

Bring your restaurant experience into customers’ homes, hearts and minds during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Restaurants nationwide invited to accept takeout orders on June 2nd in support of local food banks – 1250+ restaurants have already joined.

Despite having to cancel its annual day of giving on March 25 due to COVID-19, the sandwich shop raised $1.2 for local charities during March.

By adapting their communication and marketing messages across channels, brands can optimize customer engagement and work to retain customers during these unprecedented times.

In-depth social media sentiment reports can be used by hoteliers as part of a crisis plan to fine-tune marketing campaigns and identify and better collaborate for alternative opportunities.

Email campaigns, paid search and paid social media projected to be first channels to come back in the next 60 days.

The online information hub offers accurate, up-to-date accurate information about COVID-19.

For a restaurant, SEO can be the difference between a customer finding your restaurant or not. 

Through attribution, hotel brands can understand the value and reach of social efforts and can determine their ROI.

App offers members full access to trip itineraries, access to the onsite Concierge via live-chat the ability to pay bills, share trip photos directly to social media and more.

Harley-Davidson’s former director of communications strategy will rev up MURTEC, sharing how businesses can improve their competitiveness and avoid margin-killing commoditization.

Through Instagram and Facebook, the Celebration of Good Fortune AR experience gives guests a chance to experience five Chinese traditions.

Here's how one coffee shop chain manages numerous menu items and multiple locations, with data going out to 75+ menu/review sites.

New research shows that making all travelers feel welcome and included can help hospitality companies win a greater share of today’s fast-growing market.

QSR leverages social media, mobile app to drive sales of a fan favorite.

HT analyzes data representative of 18,845 locations and compares restaurant innovators to laggards while highlighting how segments are addressing technology strategies and issues differently.  Sponsored.

There are more travelers than ever, but not enough workers to fill the customer service front lines necessary for a quality guest experience.

Use these tips this holiday season to bring customers back all year.

the spectator hotel exterior

HT tapped into the minds of hotel technology executives to reveal the latest projects they have been working on, as well as their predictions of what technology to watch in the New Year.

RFPAssist combines Facebook Messenger marketing automation with 24/7 customer service agents.

tablet booking teaser size

New survey shows digital solutions are most valued when coupled with human engagement, and technology is increasingly influencing decision making and travel management.

LG byline

Smart TVs and IP-based content distribution mean new possibilities for a rich customer experience.

travel stories

New BC Story Network, powered by CrowdRiff Travel Stories, enables BC tourism partners to publish content across a syndicated network of sites to help travelers discover new destinations and book travel activities.

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