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Snooze Eatery Simplifies Scheduling and Reporting for 600 Employees

Snooze has chosen HotSchedules as its workforce management solution. The Denver-based A.M. eatery has now deployed HotSchedules at 13 locations across Colorado, California and Arizona, and will soon expand to Texas. HotSchedules has helped Snooze simplify scheduling and reporting for nearly 600 employees.
Founded in 2006, Snooze has transformed A.M. dining with culinary innovation, an eclectic and energetic atmosphere, and comfortable and friendly service. Snoozers, as employees are known, stand out in their dedication to community. Each Snooze donates one percent of sales to the local community, and Snoozers can be seen passing out pancakes, maintaining school gardens, volunteering at food banks and cleaning up local beaches. Snooze also composts and recycles roughly 90 percent of its waste.
To scale efficiently, Snooze needed technology that could simplify scheduling, forecasting and reporting. The company relied on spreadsheets to make schedules, which often took up to several hours to complete. Last minute changes were often impossible because Snoozers arrive at work so early, often by 5am.
As a growing company, Snooze needed a more automated workforce management solution that could address these challenges and integrate with Aloha POS, the company’s point-of-sale solution. HotSchedules checked the boxes and ultimately delivered far more than Snooze anticipated.
Snooze relies on three modules of the solution: HotSchedules, Logbook and the Above Store Console. The HotSchedules scheduling app uses POS sales and labor data to predict future schedules up to four weeks in advance, and then managers can create a roster in minutes. Employees can request to swap, release and pick-up shifts right from their mobile devices, and managers can approve changes with one tap.
Logbook consolidates all of Snooze’s operational tasks, to-dos, maintenance schedules, personnel issues and communications into one mobile app. Both HotSchedules and Logbook connect to the Above Store Console, which allows upper management to write in the Logbook, send surveys and make announcements. The Above Store Console also aggregates data from each location so headquarters can review and compare sales, guest counts, productivity and more.
HotSchedules configured the system to solve three problems that are unique to Snooze’s business:
Auto-pickup. If an employee releases a shift, co-workers can offer to take it via the mobile app. Instead of dialing staff at 5 am, managers tap once to pick and notify the replacement.

Punctuality. Managers don’t need to be in at 5 am, but some staff do. HotSchedules sends rosters to Aloha POS so staff can clock-in at the right time, without a manager present.

Same-Day Reporting. As business closes at 3 pm, HotSchedules aggregates labor and transactional data immediately. Headquarters can review reports before the end of the work day.    
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