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SMG Announces Data Integration to Help Brands Manage Third-party Delivery Ratings, Reviews

Service Management Group (SMG), a global customer, patient and employee experience management partner to more than 500 brands, has become the first experience management platform to integrate ratings and review data from the third-party delivery industry. With delivery service review data available alongside customer feedback and operational data, brands have a more holistic and actionable view of the customer experience.

With the continued growth of third-party delivery and acceleration of off-premise dining and alternative shopping as a result of COVID-19, SMG is investing in technology to help brands capture and act on feedback throughout the evolving customer journey. SMG is ingesting ratings and review data from third-party delivery providers to help brands keep pace with this surging unsolicited feedback channel.

“Delivery has been a growing part of restaurant and retail operations in recent years, and the onset of COVID-19 has accelerated the growth,” said SMG General Manager of Social Solutions Jason Norris. “As brands have shifted to managing the off-premise and alternative shopping experiences, third-party delivery feedback has become an increasingly important data source. Our platform provides a holistic view of unsolicited feedback alongside customer experience data to help brands activate insights and manage their online reputation.”

SMG’s online reputation management platform aggregates location-specific ratings and reviews across the top review sites to provide brands with a robust social engagement tool. With third-party delivery ratings and reviews alongside review data from sites like Facebook, Google and Tripadvisor, brands have access to a host of features—including role-based reporting, AI-powered text analytics, real-time alerts and in-platform response.

“As a leading experience management provider, SMG’s dual focus on technology and strategic services gives brands a more holistic and actionable view of the customer experience,” said SMG Chief Operating Officer Ken White. “The emergence of new touchpoints brings new feedback channels, and we’re continually developing technology and data integration capabilities to help clients listen better and act faster.”

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