SIXTY Hotels Sees Success with New Mobile Shift Schedules from Beekeeper

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor (Hotels)
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Beekeeper is pleased to announce that SIXTY Hotels, a collective of luxury lodgings in New York, Los Angeles, and coming soon Miami, is using its new Shift Schedules mobile capability. Shift Schedules is enabling every SIXTY Hotel associate to check the most up-to-date work schedules personalized to them and delivered straight to their pocket via Beekeeper. Shift Schedules will be on display at HITEC Minneapolis in Beekeeper Booth 919, June 17 through 20 at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

With Beekeeper’s Shift Schedules, associates are checking their schedules on the go and viewing when they are working via calendar view or list view. They are receiving notifications for new shifts added and for changes to existing shifts. They also are seeing shift data, such as the shift title / code, color, date, start time, and end time of their shift and seeing how long they are working. With this mobile tool now available, SIXTY Hotels managers are centralizing shift communication in one platform. This is enabling them to work smarter by delegating shift management to frontline teams. It’s also proving to increase associate engagement, as more shift managers are uploading the latest shift schedules in Excel format and letting Beekeeper deliver the personalized schedules to staff.

“We have been using Beekeeper’s mobile Shift Schedules for a few months and it’s a wonderful tool,” said Rigel Montiel, Cultural Director for SIXTY SoHo and SIXTY LES properties. “Shift Schedules is easy for the users to review their schedules on the SIXTYconnect App. Presentation of the information is clear to read, and morning/evening/overnight shifts and times off are clearly defined by different colors making the information easy to interpret at a glance. It also provides a breakdown of historical shift information, including past week shifts, current shifts and following week's schedules. Overall, it is a wonderful feature to have.”

Shift Schedules was developed after Beekeeper identified a gap in the market for operational shift communication. Although there are many effective shift scheduling apps on the market, not many are a core part of central workplace communication platforms such as the Beekeeper app. The Beekeeper team worked closely with hoteliers through extensive research, talking to shift hotel managers, frontline staff and guests about the impact of great service coverage and internal communication.