Should Sin City Casinos be Worried about Reward Point Thieves?

In a region known for its physical security legacy, Las Vegas casinos could very well be at the mercy of unrelenting database thieves if they're not careful. According to a recent article from, hackers are now targeting their systems that control player rewards points.
A recent advisory letter from the Nevada Gaming Control Board sent to gambling establishments in Sin City and across the state warned casinos of the threat. "The Board has recently investigated numerous incidents where such databases have been compromised and the potential for identity information theft existed," Randall Sayre, a board member, wrote to Nevada casinos last month. "Additionally as technology advances and more and more information is stored in these databases they will almost certainly become an even more inviting target for cyber-criminals who the Board and allied law enforcement have found are becoming increasingly aware of the value of said information and the relative ease with which it can be stolen."
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