Shiji Group Achieves Amazon Web Services Travel and Hospitality ISV Competency Status

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels
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Shiji Group's achievement of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Travel and Hospitality ISV Competency status earlier this year marks a milestone in data security and data sovereignty for hotel technology.

Selecting a cloud technology partner to build global industry-leading technology is a critical part of the system architecture. After working with multiple platforms, Shiji selected AWS as the best solution to build out its hospitality technology platform.

Major investments have already been made to build and move many of Shiji's products onto AWS, with more yet to come. Most recently, Shiji Enterprise Platform was made public, on the back of Infrasys and Concept, which are also migrating away from existing infrastructures.

Using Shiji's global engineering teams, many of the companies Shiji has acquired are modernizing their architecture through AWS and migrating away from legacy solutions, something that the hospitality industry as a whole has also been urged to do.

As these systems migrate to AWS, and with Shiji's achievement of AWS Travel and Hospitality ISV Competency status, new paths are being pioneered for guest data to be stored in secure and locally hosted data centers using state-of-the-art architecture that enables data sovereignty to be implemented for enterprise clients around the world.

"After thorough research on stability, security, data protection and more, we have selected AWS as our cloud computing platform. The importance of stability and security for the hospitality industry is critical. We're extremely proud to be working with AWS and their global team to deliver the future of our industry's technology," said Kevin King, COO of Shiji Group.

Since 2014, Shiji Group has been acquiring businesses and building products for the hospitality industry to provide the industry with an open and interconnected set of enterprise-first products. Covering the entire guest journey, it was critical for Shiji to find a solid cloud technology partner to power Shiji's suite of innovative technology solutions.

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