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Sheraton Raises Customer Satisfaction Scores with High-Def TV Offerings

Guests at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel & Convention Center in Durham, North Carolina, expect to feel at home during their stay. The challenge we faced was how to consistently provide top-notch television content and delivery at a level that guests are accustomed to having in their own homes..  Our hotel was committed to installing flat screen televisions during 2009, consistent with the brand standards of our franchisor, Starwood Hotels and Resorts.  To make the most of these new TVs, we also needed a high-quality offering of HD channels, including a robust channel lineup that included premium networks and plenty of movie options.

The Sheraton management ultimately decided that Time Warner Cable Business Class (TWCBC) was the best choice to help meet this challenge.
Less equipment equals fewer problems
First, TWCBC helped in the selection of the right TVs for the Sheraton’s needs. TWCBC recommended LG televisions with a built-in Pro Idiom chip, which eliminated the need for set-top boxes, helping maintain the neat, clean appearance of guestrooms.  An additional benefit was that we avoided having to have a headend --  and additional, expensive electronics on site. TWCBC’s Video solution means network performance and service delivery are monitored from a remote location where maintenance and upgrades are performed continually.  Plus, without all of that onsite equipment, the installation process took less than a week for the property’s 330 rooms.  Guests are now able to enjoy the same quality television experience in their hotel room as they do in their home. 

Streamlining services increases efficiencies
A year later, the Sheraton engaged TWCBC again. In order to streamline maintenance operations, Sheraton worked with the company to design, a bundled package of services that includes TV, data and phone.  Dealing with one company for any service issue is more effective and efficient. This has resulted in minimizing the impact on guest services.

The bottom line of this partnership is that Sheraton has improved its customer satisfaction scores by eight percent since implementing the enhancements recommended through the partnership with Time Warner Cable Business Class.   More than a customer/vendor relationship, that partnership includes clear communications of needs resulting in solutions that benefit all parties involved and, of utmost importance, the ability to provide a quality entertainment experience to our guests. 
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