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Sheraton Albuquerque Uptown Frees Staff of Handheld Hypnotism with Real-Time Flight Info Display

The Sheraton Albuquerque Uptown Hotel needed to correct a problem. Its airline crew-room contracts required meeting arriving flights on time and transporting crews back to the hotel for their stay. Easily done. Property staff just needed to be aware of when the appropriate planes arrived. Guests also wanted to know if their departing flights were on time. The property’s issue was with mobile devices and the ‘handheld hypnotism’ we are all familiar with.
“Our property staff continuously used their mobile devices to monitor flight schedules for our crew arrivals. It seemed like our concierges and bell staff were always staring at their handhelds checking flight times, it was not professional,” said Damen Kompanowski, general manager of the Sheraton Albuquerque Uptown Hotel.” The FlyteBoard flight information display from Flyte Systems improved our guest service and professionalism. Now our team has real-time airline arrivals and departures always visible so they can focus on our guests; plus, they are at the arrival curb on time to pick up our airline crews.”
Flyte Systems is the leading provider of cost effective airport travel information displays and content for the hospitality, corporate training centers, digital signage, and convention center industries and related businesses.
“It is great that FlyteBoard also gives us the time and weather on the same screen. It is visible for staff use and guests can check their flight times,” Kompanowski said. “Our shuttles are on time and our staff can focus on guests without being distracted by their mobile devices.”
Flyte Systems offers a suite of products that serve the traveling public: FlyteBoard, FlytePass, FlyteChannel, FlyteTouch, FlytePad with handheld mobile airline information, and FlyteEvents. The company's latest innovation is InfoBoard, which combines airline flight information with total property way-finding, weather, traffic, area attractions, and much more.
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