Shephard’s Beach Resort Adopts BeyondTV’s myRemote for Contactless Compatibility With All Guestroom Television Models

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels
a resort near the water

Hotel Internet Services (HIS), a full-service provider of internet services and solutions for the hospitality industry, has announced the successful implementation of the BeyondTV virtualized remote feature, myRemote, at Shephard’s Beach Resort in Clearwater, Florida. A first-class resort destination previously equipped with BeyondTV to provide guests with the latest in personalized entertainment and in-room service, Shephard’s Beach Resort can now also boost guest trust by limiting shared surface risks with myRemote and without having to first determine guestroom television compatibility.   

With the adoption of virtualized remotes dramatically rising as hoteliers look for ways to allow guests to interact with guestroom televisions free of germ concerns, Shephard’s Beach Resort likewise recognized that the need to deploy their own virtualized solution would prove essential in welcoming guests back. However and as with many properties affected by the pandemic, a lack of available revenue led to initial concerns that existing guestroom televisions may not be compatible with virtualized remote abilities and able to be replaced. Fortunately for properties equipped with BeyondTV, the solution’s myRemote feature is able to instantly sidestep such potential issues by being compatible with virtually any television brand or model in use by hospitality businesses today. This unique advantage extends to full virtual remote compatibility with both hospitality grade and non-hospitality grade televisions.

“Earning the confidence of guests is a must in the current environment to earn their business, and BeyondTV’s myRemote has played a central role in returning our resort to fully booked capacity,” said Paul Andrew at Shephard’s Beach Resort. “Prior to Covid, we had planned to ensure that all of our televisions were upgraded, however, were unable to move forward with the plan due to the financial hardships caused by the pandemic. When the need for a contactless virtual remote solution arose, we were a little concerned that some of our guestroom televisions may not be compatible, however, BeyondTV with its forward-thinking innovation quickly put such fears to rest. Aside from experiencing a swift and painless implementation process, our guests thoroughly enjoy being able to use their own devices to control all BeyondTV and television functions without any increased risk of contracting germs.”

In addition to providing hoteliers with a hassle-free and affordable implementation process, myRemote offers guests a user-friendly experience with personal device-based control over virtually all BeyondTV and guestroom television functions. This includes powering televisions on or off, adjusting volume, changing language settings, switching between streaming services, requesting hotel amenities or information and much more.

Since deploying the feature and alongside a spike in 1,264 reservations for the 150-room resort in April, Shephard’s Beach Resort has averaged 126 myRemote interactions daily. In just one month alone, such interactions come to a total of 3,800 while resulting in zero calls for support thanks to the solution’s intuitive and flexible design.

“To regain the confidence of their guests, hotels have had little choice but to adapt contactless technologies such as virtualized remotes, however, many unfortunately find out that existing infrastructure cannot support the contactless functionality they seek without a cost-prohibitive upgrade investment,” said Gary Patrick, CEO of Hotel Internet Services. “myRemote is the industry’s first contactless remote solution that can effortlessly overcome guestroom television incompatibility issues that other platforms have challenges with, and we are proud to see that Shephard’s Beach Resort is already experiencing the benefits of our technology without placing unnecessary strain on property budgets.”  

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