Service Rating Kiosks Delivers Results for Restaurants

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ServiceGuru kiosk gives customers the ability to rate individual employees based on the service they received.

Service Rating Kiosks Delivers Results for Restaurants


A startup based in Arizona has developed a customer rating kiosk that is helping restaurants get unprecedented amounts of customer feedback while also helping to improve online reviews .

ServiceGuru developed the rating kiosk after several years of testing a web app to capture improved customer feedback for retail and service companies. 

In under one year Subway franchised locations using the kiosk are on track to receiving over 8000 reviews per year compared to less than 50 online reviews. 

One of the unique things about the ServiceGuru kiosk is the ability for customers to rate individual employees based on the service they received. Much like rating an Uber or Lyft driver, the kiosk provides attributes that are easily selected by the customer to make the entire rating experience fast and seamless. This granular data is invaluable to management to measure performance of their employees.

In addition to collecting customer service feedback, customers can also provide their email or mobile number for loyalty or birthday programs helping a restaurant chain to grow their marketing list. Customers are also encouraged to rate the business online thereby increasing and improving the number of ever important online reviews a business seeks. Businesses can also receive alerts when a service expectation is missed right at the point of service improving the chance to win that customer back.

Another unique benefit that ServiceGuru provides is what the company has trademarked as a ServiceResume. Employees receive reports that show how customers rate the service they provide motivating the employee to provide great service. Recognizing the employee for providing great customer service reinforces the goals of delivering the best customer experience possible for a customer.  

The company currently has kiosks in numerous restaurant chains, medical practices, retail, hotels and even entertainment centers with plans for extensive growth throughout the US and internationally.