Secure, Trouble-free Locks Create a Pleasant Wyndham Vacation Ownership Guest Experience

Hotel door locks and keys are unlikely to appear on anybody's list of popular resort amenities. Safety, security, and convenience, on the other hand, are top priorities for both vacationers and hospitality management companies. Recently, Wyndham Vacation Ownership began installing the  KABA Saflok Messenger online locking systems in its resorts.
A strong, trouble-free locking system is part of the infrastructure that makes for a pleasant stay. "KABA's Saflok Messenger models are durable and reliable and provide convenience for our owners," says Gary Byrd, Wyndham Vacation Ownership chief customer officer. The system offers the same security and convenience for master keys, says Byrd.
Wyndham Vacation Ownership began installing the Saflok Messenger mag-stripe system three years ago throughout guestrooms, offices and secure areas. The networked system is web-based and can be monitored and managed remotely. Other advantages include:
·         Messenger electronic locks may be interfaced to the property management system to control energy settings.
·         The software has a comprehensive selection of options that make the system easier for staff to manage.
·         The KABA locks are clutchless to minimize internal wear suffered by other systems.
·         Saflok provides a variety of lock styles to match property design and security needs and offer with customization options.
KABA's Saflok Messenger RFID locking technology is also used by Wyndham Vacation Ownership. The proximity RFID system provides convenient and easy access to owners by allowing them to unlock their doors by merely presenting the key in front of the lock reader. Operators can program the system to use keycards for owner identification as well as room access. RFID locks are easier to maintain because they contain fewer moving parts and because the sealed reader eliminates the need for continuous cleaning.
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