SecuraTrac Debuts MobileDefender Model S Emergency Pendent

With large resorts and hotels, it can be difficult for managers to keep track of their workers and their safety. Walkie Talkies might be able to help employees communicate with one another but they do not relay location nor have the ability to give distress signals. To combat this, SecuraTrac, a provider of mobile health and safety solutions focused on employee well-being, announced its new mobile emergency pendent: the Mobile Defender Model S. The model S (MD-S) is developed on the same platform as the powerful MobileDefender and introduces new capabilities that will help to ensure the safety of those who use the MD-S and the SecuraTrac platform. 
Companies that dispatch employees into unknown environments and situations can rely on the MD-S to relay information about employee locations while providing them with an instant connection to help if an emergency occurs. In addition to its location technologies, the MD-S also offers a built-in Fall Advisory capability. The MD-S can detect horizontal and vertical movement so if an employee falls on the job or is knocked over, he or she does not have to initiate a call for help. The MD-S will trigger one automatically. Leveraging existing SecuraTrac cloud-based location technology, the new MD-S adds the ability for Central Stations to respond to potential accidents.
To improve battery lifespan, the MD-S was designed with a new Wake-on SOS feature. Wake-on SOS gives this small, mobile PERS device the ability to last more than 30 days on a single charge because the device is off until the SOS button is activated.  This preserves the battery while enabling the device to turn-on, locate, transmit its location, and make the emergency phone call after the SOS is activated.  
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