Second-largest Arby's Franchisee Road Tests WAND Digital Menu Boards

Currently, the second-largest Arby's franchisee, Carisch, Inc., is testing WAND Corporation's Digital Menu Board solution in one of their Wisconsin locations. WAND Digital Menu Boards have been developed to allow easy installation, one-click remote web updating, and the ability to interface with the Point Of Sale to ensure maximum price compliance.

The newly remodeled location now features 42-inch LG Electronics commercial grade screens controlled by WAND technology and also utilizes WAND NextGen POS software. Arby's Digital Menu Board content is dynamically updated to coincide with promotions, specials, and local events. A multi-day-part strategy has been established to promote the right items during the best time of the day to drive up sales. Arby's design projects the sophistication of a Fast Casual restaurant inside a leading QSR, displaying the quality selection one might expect to find in a pricier locale but taking less time to provide a customer her/his order. The Digital Menu Board design at Carisch, Inc.'s location lends itself well to imprinting the Arby's brand on the store, while also lending itself to rapid deployment and assistance.

Furthermore, Carisch, Inc.'s decision to install Digital Menu Boards are its attention-grabbing appeal, which takes hold of a patron's interest and leads her/him through the menu with color, graphics and motion. The creative team at WAND divides menu categories with color, line and graphics so that customers can easily identify menu information to help them make a decision.

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