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Seafood Restaurant Hooks Big Savings in Labor with Scheduling System

King’s Seafood Company has partnered with HotSchedules to provide a streamlined and more accurate employee-scheduling process, in-depth forecasting abilities, and significantly reduced labor costs.
HotSchedules rolled out its integrated Workforce and Digital Logbook solutions at King’s Seafood Company concepts in Southern California, including all 18 locations of the world-renowned Water Grill, Ocean Ave Seafood, 555 East, Lou & Mickey's, Fish Camp and the King's Fish House/King Crab Lounge establishments. Prior to implementing HotSchedules, King’s Seafood utilized a different online scheduling product that required managers to leverage each restaurant’s one connected computer in order to work on various schedules; the work could not be completed from home or elsewhere. Additionally, software files didn’t always download properly, creating added delays and headaches for managers. 
King’s Seafood Company Vice President of Operations RJ Thomas decided it was time for an upgrade. He chose HotSchedules as an improvement from the previous system, and the team saw positive results within the first four weeks.
In addition to an improved level of accuracy in scheduling, creating employee schedules is also significantly faster with HotSchedules. For King’s Seafood Company, the process has dropped from an hour-long hassle to a simple 15-minute task for managers. Communication between King’s Seafood Company staff and management has also been made easier with HotSchedules products. Gone is the paper schedule posted on the bulletin board and the hard copy shift-trade book, which had a tendency to go missing. All this communication now takes place within the HotSchedules tool, and everyone has access online or via their smartphone.

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