Screen Pilot Debuts Innovative Digital Brand Experience (DBX) Service for Hotels, Resorts and Travel Brands

Screen Pilot has formally debuted its innovative, new digital marketing solution for hotels and resorts called DBX. The proprietary, digital brand experience suite of technologies and methodologies uses advanced data analysis to personalize a user’s entire customer journey across all digital platforms.

DBX is built on the premise that personalized marketing is the key to unlocking meaningful growth and differentiation. Data shows that consumers today not only expect personalized interactions, they become frustrated when brands don’t deliver a personalized experience*.

As travelers seek inspiration, research and shop, they evaluate hospitality brands across a multitude of digital touchpoints, from search engine result pages, to review websites, to social platforms. In the way that Amazon, Netflix and Spotify offer relevant product, entertainment and music recommendations based on a user’s individual tastes, behaviors and preferences, DBX picks up on cues during a traveler’s digital journey and enables hotels and resorts to deliver relevant, personalized content based on that user’s individual wants and needs. The result is a tailored digital experience that resonates with travelers and has shown to increase conversions for hotels and resorts.

“Consumers respond to personalized experiences,” said Tom Dibble, founder and CEO of Screen Pilot. “DBX is art, science and technology working in harmony to personalize a user’s digital journey and deliver relevant content based on that user's wants, needs and behaviors.”

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