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Sceptre Hotels Partners with Whiteboard Labs for CRS, Adding Facebook Booking Tool for Customers

Whiteboard Labs, a leading travel industry CRS (Central Reservation System) and application development firm, today announced that hotel revenue & distribution management firm Sceptre Hospitality Resources will migrate its 600-plus client hotels to Whiteboard Labs' Windsurfer CRS program early this year.

After a review of the latest CRS technology, it was determined that Windsurfer gave hotels enhanced features and an easier-to-use interface for both guests and hotel revenue managers.

Windsurfer allows hoteliers to monitor their hotel’s activity via their iPhones or iPads by downloading the Windsurfer specific apps. Sceptre hotels will also benefit from Whiteboard’s Facebook-specific booking engine, which allows guests to complete a reservation without leaving the hotel’s Facebook page. The program also allows the hotel to upsell additional amenities to guests after the room and rate have been selected.

In addition, Whiteboard has a long, proven track record for innovation, which will allow the company to stay on the cutting edge of technology and also give their hotels a significant competitive edge, to that end, feedback from hotel clients has been very positive.

Sceptre is a nice addition to the firm's client base, which has seen significant growth over the last 18 months. With that, Sceptre is a highly regarded, leading hospitality industry revenue generation and eCommerce company with a strong record of growth.

Under the long-term contract, Whiteboard will provide the full suite of services available on the Windsurfer CRS platform, including seamless GDS connectivity, the exclusive T.U.B.E. Internet Booking Engine, the ability to customize each hotel’s configuration and easy-to-navigate, intuitive dashboard.
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