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Savory Makes Data-Driven Decisions About Location, Growth


Savory has selected SiteZeus' location intelligence platform to help make effective real estate decisions that will rapid expansion of its portfolio brands.

"Ultimately, the ability to choose great locations and avoid bad ones, separates winners from losers in the multi-unit restaurant space," said Andrew K. Smith, managing director of Savory. "SiteZeus' technology will give the Savory team invaluable insight in locations where our portfolio companies will thrive. By helping us prevent the opening of less favorable sites, SiteZeus will increase our chances to compound growth."

Savory will utilize SiteZeus, which is powered by AI, to assist in making data-driven decisions by defining who the customer actually is for each brand by geosocial segment and demographic profile. By utilizing this information to analyze future growth markets, a detailed plan can be created that specifies exactly which markets are conducive for expansion. Finally, each market specified in the growth plan can be studied to determine the number of units that can be opened, and a timeline can be created to achieve new unit growth targets. This process will allow Savory to ensure disciplined unit growth creating a unique competitive advantage.

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