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San Vicente Resort & Golf Course Partners With Hotel Internet Services to Provide Guests With Latest in Wi-Fi Connectivity

 Hotel Internet Services (HIS), a full-service provider of internet services and solutions for the hospitality industry, has been credited with implementing a high-speed guest Wi-Fi network upgrade at San Vicente Resort & Golf Course. Nestled within the backcountry of San Diego, California, San Vicente Resort serves as an ideal getaway with scenic views and the latest in guest service conveniences, which are now bolstered by the ability to meet the highest in internet service expectations.

While providing its guests with enticing amenities such as private balconies, lighted tennis courts, a golf course and a junior Olympic-sized swimming pool, San Vicente Resort management recognized the vital importance that today's guests place on obtaining a fast and reliable Wi-Fi service. With its legacy network becoming outdated and risking a reduction in guest satisfaction due to slow speeds or dropped connections, HIS was the resort's first choice in implementing an upgrade as a result of the company's specialization within the hospitality industry.

As part of the upgrade process, HIS technicians provided a cost-effective and hassle-free means of replacing the resort's prior use of phone lines with more advanced and capable Ethernet cabling. State-of-the-art Ruckus access points were also implemented within strategic areas to ensure a strong and consistent high-speed Wi-Fi signal throughout the resort. The implementation team was even able to ensure high-quality Wi-Fi service for the resort's golf course operations which sits within what was previously considered a 'no-service' area, due to surrounding hills causing signal disruption.

"One of the first amenities that guests interact with and expect to function flawlessly is Wi-Fi, so we are extremely pleased to be able to rely on a proven industry expert such as HIS in meeting this need," said Jennifer Carbone, Lodge Manager at San Vicente Resort & Golf Course. "HIS has gone above and beyond to ensure that we can accommodate the latest online demands and their support services are unmatched in being able to maintain consistent guest satisfaction with our service."

In addition to upgrading the property's network infrastructure, HIS also provides San Vicente Resort with offsite equipment monitoring services to ensure that Wi-Fi quality remains high and to swiftly identify and correct any performance issues.  This is further backed by providing guests with instant access to 24/7 HIS support for troubleshooting issues such as Wi-Fi driver card compatibility, setting up VPN connections and much more. 

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