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Sabre Launches New Guest-Centric Solutions on the SynXis Enterprise Platform

Sabre Corporation, a technology provider to the global travel industry, announced the launch of its brand new SynXis Property Hub and updates to its industry-leading SynXis Booking Engine and Voice Agent solutions. The SynXis Property Hub is a guest-centric, cloud-native property management system that allows hoteliers to refocus their processes on the guest in an entirely new way.

As hoteliers look to provide memorable experiences for guests that differentiate their services, many are moving away from traditional hospitality software and are turning to strategic technology partners. Today’s launches on the SynXis Enterprise Platform further distinguish it from competing solutions for hoteliers to better support the needs of their guests and business – and will further benefit from more advanced personalization, such as dynamic offers, with the launch of SynXis Guest Experience, also coming to the SynXis Enterprise Platform later this year.

SynXis Property Hub

The all new SynXis Property Hub will change how hotel properties run their day-to-day operations, leveraging unique integrated capabilities from across the entire SynXis platform. Unlike traditional solutions, the SynXis Property Hub revolves around the guest, putting their information and preferences front-and-center for hotel staff. Additionally, its mobile-optimized design means that employees can easily access guest information and execute operational tasks anywhere and on any device, resulting in a more efficient and connected experience.

SynXis Booking Engine

The upgraded SynXis Booking Engine brings personalization to the shopping phase of travel, making the guest’s experience unique from their first interaction with the property. Using dynamic personalization, the SynXis Booking Engine makes it easier for travelers to find exactly what they’re looking for by sorting and displaying content and products based on a guest’s “persona,” determined by their booking behavior. Its fast, responsive user interface means the traveler’s experience will be seamless on any device.

SynXis Voice Agent

As a complement to the updated SynXis Booking Engine, the upgraded SynXis Voice Agent features an all new, easy-to-use interface that enables phone support teams to be more productive and provide enhanced, personalized support to guests. SynXis Voice Agent’s tie to the SynXis Enterprise Platform provides a complete view of the guest, including a centralized guest database for access across properties.

SynXis Guest Experience

Later this year, Sabre will roll out SynXis Guest Experience that builds and shares a golden copy of every guest profile across the SynXis Central Reservations system, SynXis Property Hub, and third-party systems, adding an additional layer of personalization at every touchpoint, through every offer. The first leg of this service, a collaboration with industry-leading CRM provider Cendyn, was announced last month and the company’s eInsight CRM and eLoyalty products are currently available as part of the SynXis Enterprise Platform.

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