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RTN's New Workgroups Forming Now


Open API: Transactional Data Standard
Restaurant transactional data, whether financial, marketing, or operational, makes up the basis for a modern, data-driven company, but many restaurants do not have access or simply cannot ingest this data to make meaningful decisions. This workgroup will create processes and technical requirements to simplify transactional categories, to help restaurants aggregate, analyze, and act on valuable data in real time.

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Open API: Customer Record Data Standard
Restaurants are dealing with fragmented, non-uniform customer profiles, along with disparate systems that create even more complexity when trying to manage this data. Owning the customer is table stakes for cultivating loyal fans, understanding customer behavior and sparking repeat business for restaurants, and it's becoming increasingly important, given the threat of third-party delivery customer migration. In addition, maintaining integrity when collecting and handling customer data is a growing concern. This workgroup will standardize the structure and communication of customer profiles, enabling restaurants to create a competitive advantage with the customer data they own.

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