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RTN’s New Tool Helps Restaurants Estimate Tech Payback

At last, restaurants have a user-friendly, spreadsheet-based resource for determining the break-even point of tech implementations.
RTN payback tool teaser

At MURTEC 2024, the Restaurant Technology Network debuted the latest in its series of industry-leading tools and standards: the industry's first Payback Comparison Tool. This user-friendly, spreadsheet-based resource helps restaurants determine the payback period (aka the “break-even point”) for technology implementations and investments. 

The Payback Comparison Tool’s simplicity enables quick comparisons between multiple projects or scenarios, allowing operators to identify the projects with the shortest payback time.

Highlights of the Payback Comparison Tool

Primarily designed for restaurant store operators, the Payback Comparison Tool is aimed at those seeking to understand the timeline for recovering technology implementation costs relative to the benefits offered. With a focus on store-based analysis, the tool can be scaled up to encompass higher-level store counts.

The model is easy to navigate, organuzed into tabs for inputs and outputs. Inputs, highlighted in green, encompass store data, average annual unit volumes, sales, costs, and project-related metrics. Outputs, predominantly auto-generated, include payback calculations and graphical representations of results. A glossary tab and cell notes offer quick access to definitions and clarifications.

Results are generated automatically as information is supplied, with graphical visualizations aiding in data interpretation. The tool provides a yearly roll-up of monthly calculations, facilitating strategic planning and scenario analysis. 

See the Payback Comparison Tool in Action!

RTN payback tool example use case
Example use case of RTN’s Payback Comparison Tool: Results graphically compare two vendors (A&B) who offer the same technology.

Empowering Restaurant Decision-Makers

RTN’s Payback Comparison Tool was developed by restaurant tech leaders, including key contributors Manda Miller, Senior Manager, Strategy & Business Development, Toshiba; Mark Mullinax, Senior Business Development Manager, consultR; Tim Tang, Director, Enterprise Solutions, Hughes; and Robert Peterson, Area VP, New Business, Oracle Food & Beverage.  Tang and Peterson were both recognized as two of the RTN's Industry Champions at MURTEC 2024

With the Payback Comparison Tool, restaurant operators gain a powerful resource for evaluating technology investments. By simplifying the analysis process and providing clear insights into payback periods, the tool empowers decision-makers to make informed choices aligned with their strategic objectives, driving profitability and operational efficiency in the restaurant industry.

Try the Payback Comparison Tool:

Click to Download the Payback Comparison Tool Worksheet.

Click to Download the Payback Comparison Tool Blank Worksheet.

Download the Payback Comparison Tool User Guide

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