RTN Launches Contactless Payments Evaluation Tool

RTN partnered with Olive to create an unbiased (and super slick!) evaluation tool for restaurant members to use when narrowing down the field of contactless payments solutions.

If your head is spinning from researching and evaluating an ever-growing array of players serving up contactless payments to the restaurant industry, now’s the time to join RTN (free for restaurants) to access the latest members-only tool, Fast Match: Contactless Payments (must be logged in as a member to access)

After many weeks of meetings with restaurants on RTN’s COVID-19 peer share call, we noticed nearly all were looking at contactless payments solutions, yet there was no central place to quickly and easily evaluate them based on specific requirements.

We reached out to RTN start-up member Olive, an end-to-end platform for streamlining IT purchase decisions, specializing in helping restaurants identify the best-fit solutions for their business needs. Founders Chris Heard & Daniel Harrison quickly understood and embraced the challenge, delivering a super-slick interface to easily narrow down the field of contactless payments providers. 

"Olive is on a mission to streamline the technology evaluation process for the restaurant and hospitality industry," commented Harrison. "Since partnering with RTN, our team now has the chance to learn directly from the experts in this industry and keep current with the trends. We created this Fast Match selection tool in partnership with RTN to give back to the community, and to bring speed and transparency to the process of evaluating new technology."

With the Fast Match tool, RTN restaurant members answer a series of 15 questions revealing how important features are, ranging from guest experience and payments requirements to integration/support. The results are revealed in real-time, ranked in order of relevance, and completely unbiased, based on information publicly available.

The Fast Match: Contactless Payments tool is the first in what will likely become a series of mini evaluation tools created for RTN, powered by Olive, adding value for RTN restaurant members and helping the industry innovate smarter and faster.

If you’re not yet a member of RTN and would like to access the Fast Match tool, join quickly and easily (at no cost) here.

To access the Fast Match tool, click here.  (must be logged in as a member to access.)

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